Prophetic Art

We wanted to share with you some examples of the ‘prophetic art’ we’ve been creating here at the Lord’s Land. Most of these pieces were created during times of praise and worship. Some of these paintings are literally ‘prophetic’–they express messages from God that the artist has sensed in his or her spirit and is attempting to communicate to us. We’ve experimented with using prophetic art in personal evangelism. On several occasions, God has inspired a picture and then led one of our young people to present it to a specific person. It has a powerful impact and at least one recipient is now walking with the Lord.

Some of these paintings might be better termed ‘worship art’. These are love offerings of creative beauty from the artist to the Lord. They may or may not communicate content as such. A few of our artists are becoming quite skillful and accomplished, while others are stepping out and putting their first strokes on the canvas. All of us are learning to be sensitive to God’s Spirit and express what He’s doing and saying in creative ways. We hope you enjoy these and are inspired to worship the Lord in new ways. It could be as simple as putting on some beautiful Christ-centered music and grabbing some colored pencils and art paper. Feel free to try this at home!