Prayer Ministry

At the Lord’s Land, we endeavor to live as “a house of prayer for all nations.” We enjoy conversing and communing with God, and expressing our love for Him in creative and extravagant worship. We also believe that partnering with God in Spirit-directed intercessory prayer is a key to completing our Lord’s last commandment — to take the Gospel of the Kingdom into all the world, in word, deed, and power.

There are many ways we cultivate this lifestyle and culture of prayer. As a community, we begin each work day with corporate prayer and intercession. The Prayer Bunker is open 24/7, and our Prayer Cabin can be reserved for personal prayer retreats. The Prayer Trail winds around the property on a scenic path through redwoods and fir trees, with prayer stations along the way for contemplation, meditation, and intercession. Our “The Burning Room House of Prayer for All Nations” is where the incense of live worship and prayer ascends all week long.

Our training schools (DTS & SSM) also integrate training and participation in personal and corporate prayer.

The Burning Room (House of Prayer for All Nations)

We seek to live as “a habitation for God in the Spirit” so that this community, this ministry, and this land can offer first-hand, life-changing encounters in the Presence of God. Whether you come as a guest to our retreat center, or as a visitor from the local community, we want you to “taste and see” the goodness of God personally, in two-way interaction with the Living God.


The Prayer Bunker

is our 24/7 prayer room. It is open around the clock and is ready for our guests, volunteers, staff, intercessors and prayer warriors to help keep the fire burning on the altar. We have worship music playing, comfortable seating and nice floor space for those who just want to get on their face before the Lord.


Prayer Cabin

is our most remote cabin and might be the quietest spot on the Lord’s Land. It is ideal for personal prayer and fasting retreats, and it definitely has a ‘Come Away My Beloved’ feel.