Meet Our Staff

Nathan and his wife Cindi lead the ministry of YWAM Mendocino Coast at the Lord’s Land. He and Cindi are adventurous pioneers who founded an ongoing YWAM ministry among the Muslims of Central Asia. Nathan loves to think deeply about the questions this generation is asking, and offer satisfying answers expressed clearly and creatively. He teaches widely in YWAM training schools and missions courses. As an avid sailor, Nathan enjoys hands-on participation in the Sailing Track of our DTS.


Cindi is a ‘southern belle’ who loves snorkeling, and swimming with sea turtles and dolphins. She co-leads YWAM Mendocino Coast with Nathan and not much happens around here without her involvement. Cindi graduated from Asbury University and has a strong background in music which she uses to activate young people in worship and music ministry. She believes passionately that nothing is impossible for this generation. She loves laughing with her kids, practicing the presence of God, and drinking properly made tea with friends.

260-staff-brockmeiersEric & Holly

Land Manager
Eric and Holly love the deep places; they love intercession, worship, and the prophetic . When not taking care of the Lord’s Land or his family, Eric can frequently be found in the garden or somewhere on the Prayer Trail. Holly keeps busy mothering and schooling their nine children. Eric is originally from Iowa. Holly was born and raised in Arizona. They attended the first ever DTS here at YWAM Mendocino Coast in 2008-09.

Communications and Administration
Caleb believes that all the world’s a stage and that life should be a musical. He loves discipleship, exposing young people to missions, and walking them through the process of discovering and stepping into everything that God has for them. He also has a huge heart for the people in the entertainment industry and wants to see the unconditional, unrelenting love of Jesus set them free to truly be the powerful people of influence they were created to be. Caleb did his DTS at YWAM NSI in Colorado Springs and the School of Supernatural Missions at YWAM Mendocino Coast.

260-staff-butowsJustin & Cindy
Prayer Room Ministry & Native American Outreach
Justin and Cindy are the Founders of Singing Feather Ministries and have a passion to share the love of Jesus with the Native nations. They believe strongly that every aspect of ministry must flow from the place of prayer. Justin and Cindy have been happily married for over 24 years and have two amazing kids, Rachelle (previously a DTS Staff at YWAM Rostrevor, Northern Ireland) and Mal’aki (currently a DTS student in Colorado Spring). They are excited to be in full-time ministry together as they join our staff and establish The Burning Room: House of Prayer for all Nations at The Lords Land while expanding their ministry to Native Americans. Justin and Cindy did their DTS together in 2016 at YWAM Kona.


DTS Leader
Alexey leads our Burning Ones DTS. She loves to pour her life into young people and she strives to model the Kingdom culture of passion, purity, and power. She’s creative and dramatic whether she’s on stage or off. Her themed birthday parties are the social event of the year! She loves music, painting, classic literature, and long walks with friends.

School Staff
Kendra grew up traveling the world as a missionary kid with her family. Her heart is to see people in the nations encounter the love of God in experiential ways. Traveling the world is her passion along with reading and any sort of outdoor adventure. She did her DTS and SSM here at YWAM Mendocino Coast.

School Staff
Nathan has a heart for worship through music and everything he does so that he would “… do all unto His glory.” He desires to see every believer live in the fullness of what God has always intended for His children. He loves going deeper into the transformational Truth that completely changes lives. He also loves to get lost in books and try new instruments. Nathan is committed to missions — locally and internationally in order to see all generations set free. “For freedom Christ has set them free…” (Galatians 5:1)

School Staff
Kristen was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, where she also studied and then worked for several years. After discovering her call to missions, she came to YWAM Mendocino Coast in the fall of 2015 for the Burning Ones’ DTS and thereafter the School of Supernatural Missions.  As a journalism major, she has a flair and love for writing and desires to use that medium to tell stories and communicate truth in a compelling and catalytic way. She has a passion for seeing the supernatural Kingdom of God expand into every aspect of society, and for the truth and love of Christ to be revealed and demonstrated with power wherever God is not known.

School Staff
Joseph grew up in Missouri, Louisiana and Central Asia. During his time in Central Asia, Joseph connected with YWAM Mendocino Coast where he later did his DTS and SSM in 2015/16. He has a desire to further the Kingdom of God, with the fullness of His goodness, in the furthermost corners of the world including reached and un-reached regions. He loves trying new exotic foods, enjoys any outdoor activity and delights in inventing and fixing things.

School Staff
Josh’s missions career was launched at the tender age of 11, when his parents called a family meeting and announced they would be moving to Albania. Being a missionary kid wasn’t enough for Josh; he went on to become a missionary grown-up and did his DTS in 2005 in Nashville, TN. Since then he spent seven years in Louisville, KY, helping to pioneer a YWAM training center by leading training schools and taking outreach teams to places like India, South Africa, Turkey, and East Asia. Now Josh enjoys his latest location at YWAM Mendocino Coast in northern California. While kombucha, redwood trees and daily foggy weather conditions are new experiences for him, he still enjoys coffee, a chat with a good friend, teaching, running, leading worship, doing life with Jesus, and going on mission trips.


School Staff
Jamie did her DTS with YWAM Mendocino Coast. She is eager to grow in the gifts of the Spirit. She wants everyone she meets to know their identity as a child of God.

School Staff
Hunter was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. He has a heart for the Church of Christ to worship Him in spirit and truth with intimacy, simplicity, and purity. He has a heart for all orphans to cry out “Abba, Father” and ultimately for the kingdom of the world to be the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. He did his DTS at YWAM Yosemite.

Office Administrator
Mellisa did her DTS at YWAM Wylie in Texas. She is passionate about the blending of God’s heart for justice and mercy and believes she can see human trafficking end in her lifetime. Being from Texas, she loves the Holy Spirit like she loves her sweet tea-strong, sweet, and in plenty.