Ignite Seminar

Set the nations ablaze!

What is Ignite?

Ignite is three weeks of focused training in “life in the Spirit” and supernatural ministry. It’s a live-in intensive training program focused on intimacy with God, the character of a revivalist, physical and inner healing, the prophetic, intercession and planting prayer furnaces in the hardest and darkest places on earth.


One of the great desires we have is to see transformational revival not just sweep through Mendocino and northern California. We want lives to change, bring revival with us wherever we go, and witness the power of God transform nations. We want to see the love and power of God manifest and change the hardest heart into the most passionate lover of Jesus.

We want the flames of revival lit in our hearts and stoked into unquenchable blazing fires that we may become carriers of revival; bringing it with us to the mission field, whether it is across the street or across the sea.


We plan to have prayer and worship going throughout ignite and will be doing weekly encounter rooms. We’ll also be doing some treasure hunting and practicing power evangelism in the community. The classroom, the prayer room, the “Healing Rooms”, and outreach will all be integrated into a “spirit-and-truth” encounter with the love and power of God. We will be looking at supernatural ministry through the lens of the great commandment (love), and the great commission — taking the “Gospel of the Kingdom” to the darkest places on earth.

Ignite is designed for those who are hungry for more of the supernatural work of God, both in their relationship with Him and in their ministry. If you are hungry for a deeper and more intimate relationship with God; if you long to run hard after Him, to see a fire of revival ignite in your heart and desire to see Him made famous in the nations we want you to come.

If you are interested in hosting the Ignite seminar, please contact us at ywam@lordsland.org