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The Fall Teaching Lineup – 2008

Traveling teachers are an integral part of a DTS. Lecturers will spend anywhere from a day to a week with us in the classroom as well the lunchroom. They are approachable, competent men of God, chosen because they know how to challenge the heart as well as the mind. Here are some of the key names from our teaching roster this fall:

Winkie Pratney

Winkie Pratney. They call him the world’s oldest teenager. We’re not sure how that works, to be honest. But at very least, Winkie Pratney is the world’s coolest nerd-chemist-evangelist. He’s been speaking to young people for more than 40 years and he’s still got it! More importantly, we’ve got him! He’ll be joining during week 2 of our DTS. If you’re wondering why we’re so stoked about this, have a listen to some of his stuff. We expect you’ll be filling out an application in no time!







Fred Markert

Fred Markert. He’s one of the world’s top missions stratgists and, he’s ministered in over 150 nations (Go ahead and google him if you don’t believe us.) And legend has it he has personally met every single person in India and China! But legends, you know… Anyway, the upshot is he’s coming to teach for a whole week in DTS! How did we pull that off, you ask?  Connections. We got connections.





Doug Easterday

Doug Easterday is one of YWAM’s best loved teachers on the Father Heart of God. He travels all over the world to teach on the subject, and even started a website: We’

re not sure why, but he actually said yes when we invited him to teach during the DTS in October! Pretty neat, huh?





Mike Huckins

Mike Huckins is a long-time YWAMer, pastor, and one of the leading coffee connoisseurs in all of Christendom. He is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, and worked for years in YWAM Tyler’s School of the Bible. Mike is renown for his insightful, passionate teachings on topics from Biblical History, Hermeneutics, and the Holy Spirit. He is currently serving as Discipleship pastor for Lima Community Church in Lima, OH.





Jeff PrattJeff Pratt was born and raised in a strong Mormon family of seven children. As well as holding various leadership positions in the church, Jeff received musical and speaking training by a Mormon man who had trained the Osmonds to sing. Before making preparations to leave on a Mormon mission, he came to know the Lord and left Mormonism in pursuit of an intimate relationship with God and the fulfillment of Godís call on his life. This call has led him to minister in over 50 countries of the world in various churches, TV programs and YWAM bases. As an ordained minister Jeff has been part of YWAM for over 15 years, helping direct training in Mercy Ships as well as assisting Melody Green in leading Last Days Ministries. Currently Jeff directs a YWAM base in the Yale University town of New Haven Connecticut, called YWAM Axiom. (from



Al McBryanAl McBryan is a long-time YWAM speaker and leader. For over twenty years, he has traveled across the US and Canada speaking in churches, camps, and YWAM training schools. Today, he travels and teaches in these environments for about six months out of the year. Al is a common favorite among students for his mind-bending, paradigm-shifting, gentle-Canadian-hearted approach to theology and apologetics (and don’t get us started on his hockey knowledge.) We love the guy, and you will, too.

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